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During breeding season, Adult male dracorex called Bucks ,enter a state of increased testosterone known as musth. Males first enter musth at the age of 11, but it is not very intense until they are older than 15. Young males appear to enter musth during the dry season (January–May), while older males go through it during the wet season (June–December). Males usually become extremely aggressive during musth. Among both musth and nonmusth males, size is the determining factor in agonistic encounters. In contests between individuals, musth males win the majority of the time, even when the non-musth male is larger.

Behaviors associated with musth include walking with the head held high and swinging, marking, rumbling and grunting. This can last from a day to four months. Agonistic encounters typically consist of threat displays, chases and minor sparring with the Horns.

Serious fights are rare.

Females however differ from males, as she is the one who determines what male will be allowed to mate with her. Females do not fight over who breeds with who. It is only the males.

During mating season the males may travel many miles to the females. Males will fight each other for a female and whoever wins gets to attempt and win her over by “singing”, a series of guttural sounds and bellowing is made in order to try and woo her. Females do have preferences as to what kind of singing they like and will turn down males If they deem them unfit partners. Females called Molly’s enter estrous (heat), and release chemical signals (pheromones) in her urine and vaginal secretions to signal her readiness to mate. A male will follow a potential mate and assess her condition with the flehmen response, which instead of curling their top lip which they are unable to do like most Animals, involve running his snout along her inner leg and tail. Small sensory organs along his snout, similar to the Jacobson’s organs that reside inside his mouth, which are found in lizards, Pick up the scent of the pheromones.

The estrous cycle of a Molly lasts 14–16 weeks with a 4–6-week follicular phase and an 8–10-week luteal phase. While most mammals have one surge of luteinizing hormone during the follicular phase, Dracorex have two. The first (or anovulatory) surge, could signal to males that the female is in estrus by changing her scent, but ovulation does not occur until the second (or ovulatory) surge. Fertility rates in Dracorex decline around 60-65 years of age before completely ending by 70-75 years of age.

Before the mating actually occurs, Bucks who are chosen by females to breed with them engage in a behaviour known as mate-guarding, where they follow oestrous females and defend them from other males. Most mate- guarding is done by musth males. Musth appears to signal to females the condition of the male, as weak or injured males do not have normal musths. For young females, the approach of an rut kirns can be intimidating, so her relatives stay nearby to provide support and reassurance. After the male has chased off all opposing males, the real breeding dance can start. Upon finding a suitable mate, these Gorgeous Creatures courtship involves elaborate, spectacular calls and flight displays.

The flight displays included swoops, chases, and cartwheels, ending in a climax quite beautiful. Towards the end of the mating flight, the two dragons will be floating in a circle close to one another, their roars filling the clouds. One (normally the female) will dive up and down as the other follows. When they are both ready the male will nip at her tail and flirt a bit until she’s turned around. The two continuing to circle even closer as they disappear in the clouds. When it is time the two will finally came from the clouds, their bodies intertwined with wings covering each other and claws interlocked, completely free falling. With locked talons in mid air, the pair will plunge through the sky towards the ground. Just before reaching the earth, the pair break apart from one another and soar again upward, thus completing the “death spiral" and finishing the mating ritual.

Copulation can start.

During copulation, the male are surprising thoughtful of the females well being especially if it’s a female who has never bred before, often laying his head and neck over the female’s back or against her side, and make reassurance whistles and purrs in a effort to ease the female during mating. The penis of a Buck Dracorex is surprising very mobile, being able to move independently of the pelvis. Prior to mounting, it curves forward and upwards. A Dracorex males penis is covered in spikes also known as penile spines, that reside along the head of his Penis and three spines that reside on the the top and bottom. After orgasm the penis will swell (much like a dogs) causing the spikes to flare and try to lock him in a female. Upon withdrawal of a the penis, the spines rake the walls of the female’s which may cause ovulation. The Copulation itself lasts in intervals of 20-25 minutes and does involve pelvic thrusting and ejaculatory pauses. They will breed every few hours to ensure breeding success.

A Mated pair will be together for life like geese, and like geese if a partner dies it’s not to soon until the surviving partner dies from sadness or heartbrokenness. it’s very rare for a Dracorex to find a new mate, especially if they have been mated for a long while.
A long lasting pair of mater Dracorex will also continue to do the mating dance whenever breeding season rolls around. Many believe in a effort to strengthen their bonds with one another, kind of like renewing their wedding vows.

However as a pair gets older and closer to the end of their lives they may Preform a act known as “Matrimonial Suicide”

“Matrimonial Suicide” is a term used when a pair of Dracorex finish their mating dance off with a bang, quite literally.
Mainly observed in elderly pairs, a normal mating dance ends with the pair breaking apart Just moments before striking the ground. If the timing is not perfect, certain death awaits the pair of speeding bullets.

However during “Matrimonial Suicide’ the pair won’t disengage and will instead Plummet to their deaths still locked together with one other. It is still unknown why they do this, though many believe it’s due to the pairs devoted love to one another and the urge to die to together since many pairs that do it are in their 70’s-90’s. However Younger pairs will also do it (though rare) and sometimes males or females who have lost mates will do it also.

After all if one falls they all fall.
"From: Melvin Barns
Subject: Project D.O.G On Site Inspection

Dear Sirs,

The full reports still pending, however  no immediate action is required on the part of the United Corp. The profit potential of PROJECT D.O.G remains staggeringly high.

The four fatalities we sadly sustained in our effort to contain and transport our subjects, obtain enough ambiguous data to make any litigation, if evidence is correctly managed, impossible.

However, PROJECT D.O.G still remains a dangerous initiative and there will almost certainly further casualties. As with the others, however family (or the lack of) and government interest in the patients is so low as to make any chance of legal actions vanishingly unlikely.
However, violence  between staff and subjects has been on the rise the last few days. But, a combination of physical and chemical restraints has proven sufficiently effective to assure continued control and profit.

Melvin Barns
Russo Biofrontier Legal Mitigation Dept."
17 April 2000

Dear diary:
I still don’t know whether to call this place a hospital, insane asylum...or a sanatorium for that matter. It would have been great to get a little Bit more information about all…THIS. I had a devil of a time trying to find this thing mind you. Officially, it doesn’t exist so obviously it wouldn’t be on any map. I had become lost several times and to ask for the assistance of a few locals. But since the place was kept secret from the public for many years, I guess it was safe to assume they thought I was crazy.

According to a plaque outside, the Facility was built back in the 1980’s, and yet as I look at that gold plaque I still can’t help but think they screwed up their dates for this building still looked a lot older then it seemed. I was in a very impatient mood by the time I set foot on the doorsteps of the old facility and remembered thinking to myself this had better been important, however when I was allowed to enter after a very long strip search I soon began regretting my wish.

The air in the hallway I was escorted through by a bulky orderly, was cold and damp. It was quite a trip getting to where I was needed. A trip that consisted of a disturbing amount of constant strip searches, about a dozen metal detectors and iron doors that separated the facility from the outside world, whoever built this place really liked the security it seemed.

It had to have been the twentieth iron door I was lead through before finally reaching our destination.

There were 3 of them, all on cots, all barely conscious, half asleep. The team had moved them all into separate rooms beside each other, the floors and back wall were bare cement while the walls that separated them from each other and them from us were all made of specially reinforces glass *best of the best* I remember one worker telling me.. What surprised me more was the staffs’ reaction to these new patients we had received. They were clearly terrified, they cringed and whispered; some had kept their distanced, I'm pretty sure i even saw one guy cross himself every time he walked pass one of the cells too. Their behavior made me angry, not at them, but how they represented our establishment. So many years of working our way towards project D.O.G did not call for them to act in such a way. It was highly unprofessional

I was still lost in my grand Criticism when I was ordered to examine the new patients. When asked why, I got an answer though not the one I wasn’t expecting

“To make sure they survive long enough”.

I knelt to examine one if the first patients. He was shivering violently, barely coherent. The shaking was explained to me by another med soon after as a side effect from the Narco-Pellets used to sedate the patients during transport. Shivering was a common side effect, I learned, however it was only common in certain subjects, since it didn't seem to pop up much in some as it did with others.
As I examined the patient closely, I wrote in a note pad I had brought in with me, all the traits the patients had that would soon go into separate documents later on.

As I examined the three patients, an orderly came barging through the door, his arm and across his face scratched up and bleeding heavily. He was yelling something at who I guess was his boss who had been intently observing me as I was examining the three subjects. Then the boss was yelling at him and then the orderly scuttled his way back through the door, it was then his boss called me over and I asked what had happened to the orderly, about the scratches. He told it me it had happened when they tried to subdue “her”

“Who” I had asked

It was then I was introduced to “Subject 2181”, or as I would soon learn was also known as “Priority Subject-1”, behind a barred door. I learned that while moving her into a separate block for testing, she had overcome enough tranquilizers to put down a hockey team, and in her drug- induced disorientation, lashed out and has accidently slashed at the orderly from before.
At first, the workers tried to hold me back, Warned me that not to get to close, that she was dangerous. I just shrugged them off and reached for my gloves and mask. The girl’s skin was about as cold and clammy as the cement we both sat on.

Learnt soon after it was another side effect from the Narco-pellets.

Throughout the examination, she acted like a scared cornered animal, occasionally lashing out groggily in a effort to, I guess defend herself from me. Her movements got so sporadic I had to call for the two largest orderlies to come and help me with her. At first they wouldn’t budge, cowering like frightened rabbits by the door. I then ordered them to come and help, even though I had no authority to do so.
That was all it took. The two oxen knelt beside me, one held her feet, the other her arms. I tried to take a blood sample, and ended up extracting dark reddish blood before she started struggling again.

One of the men, the one responsible for her arms, gave up trying to hold them, and figured it might have been easier to brace them against the floor with his knees. But the girl jerked again, and I heard both of her shoulders make a disgustingly, horrible popping sound. Oh though she didn’t seemed to talk noticed, it was enough for both assistants to leap back and bolt for the door.

I on the other hand stayed. I had been a doctor for most of my adult life. I’ve treated my fair share of combat injuries, faced my own death a couple of times as well, and while this girl frightened me, I kept my wits about me and decided to finish up. It wasn’t long before her struggling began to cease. I guess she still had enough Narco in her system to calm her, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before she woke up again, so I made quick with my work. Taking some skin samples, more blood samples, along with relocating her shoulder bones back to where they belonged and giving her a needle full of liquefied Narco directly into her jugular vein, where it made quick work with knocking her out so I and one of the orderlies could strap her back on the bed.

All I remember hearing the head say to me, as I hurried out of the room and down the hall as fastas I could, in a tone I would alway remember was.

“Everythings just  Fine, everything’s going JUST fine you did good, but your not done yet, but youll be fine”

Oh dear god what did I get myself into dairy...Ill talk to you later.
Marina Filigree
Department of Medicine and Defense
Broadway University  
New York, NY

Dear Reader:
In the fall of 2004, at an estate sale in Everett, Washington, I purchased a locked diary covered in dust that was discovered in an old trunk chest. Writing’s I believed to have been written By Dr Fredrick Hamrick. Broadway University’s personal forensic Document Examiners examined the old diary, side by side with original documents discovered at the home and determined the diary to be authentic. It was then photocopied at my request.  
Dr Fredrick’s diary became the subject of my Master thesis and had haunted me ever since the discovery of his own participation in the disappearance of at least twenty-six individuals, came into light four years ago.  Along with his supposed partnership with the cult simply known as “The Infernals” who’s lasting members have since then been killed or arrested for charges varying  from torture, kidnapping, Drug trafficking, and other violent crimes of that nature.
Dr Fredrick’s dairy, excerpts of which I can offer here in this book had set me on a personal course of my own, which prompted me to launch a expedition of my own back to the old facility Where the good doctor worked.

Hopefully this will uncover more


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United States
Anyone else suffer from intense self hatred or self doubt whenever you do something like write or draw.

i absolutely HATE it

its so hard for me to look at something I have done, or to look back at something I have done in the past, without shivering in disgust knowing I MADE this I CREATED this thing I despise so much that I'm suppose to love. And fan art of what I do is even worse cause don't get me wrong
I love fanart

but it's knowing why this fanart was made that puts me in such unease that when I figure out someone has made me something having to do with what I've done, I suffer from heart failure

Not the "omg I love this so much my poor heart" heart failure 

more the "omg why did you do this, why did you like it so much, why can't I like it as much as you" heart failure.

It's the self hatred in knowing you can't look dead on at something you made or someone else made you based on what you made cause you know as hard as you try you can never love it as much as they do, you can never feel the same way as someone else does with out thoughts like

"oh my god I'm so stupid" "uh no why did I make this" "good god I should delete this before anyone else sees" "it'll never be enough" going through your head

or like getting so nervous to the point you SHAKE everytime you post something up cause you know you hate it, but you wanna share it, but you can't look at it at all....

people call it self hatred and boy do I hate it.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get passed it, or like ease my self doubt a bit
  • Mood: Pain

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