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Even my 16 year old sister....

fucking great....

(I support Bernie sanders)
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There are more things between Heaven and Hell than are dreamt of in peoples philosophies.
For many and most people, were we go after we run all our races and count all our ducks can be described in two ways. Heaven, the bright, spiritual realm where the just and righteous souls reside for eternity and angels embrace you as you enter. And Hell, the dark deathpit where the most vile creatures reside, licking their dripping fangs for the next unfortunate soul to fall.

But what of the third Place?

If your one of the few with imagination, you may believe in one of the least known places and therefor the most scariest place to go when you die. The one place were religious people fear they will go, and parents tell their children they will most Certainly go if their not baptized or christened at the right age.

But what is purgatory...Is it really the horrible place people make it out to be? Or is it something differently, Something else entirely.

Death is always buzzing around our heads our whole living and undead life. When we are dying, though, the thoughts begin to settle as we accept what has to be.

That's  what she did
She went as the trillions before her had. She simply slipped away, accepting what was to happen to her. As much as she didn't want it, she expected something Worse then where she came from. After all there was no afterlife for the dead, was there? Only torment worse then what could ever be imagined, or nothing at all, nothing but cold emptiness.

But, It wasn't like that at all.  

She felt like she was was falling through impenetrable darkness at first, No light above or below, no below or above, no walls, no wind even. But she was falling. She felt suffocated. She felt dazzled. She felt engulfed in flames and drowning in water. She was sinking, maybe? Her body – lost; her head, her eyes, nose, ears – missing. She could not scream and She could not breathe – She didn’t need to of course. But She kept falling.

She had finally felt firm ground beneath her body after what seemed like an eternity. Still nothing could be made out from the surrounding darkness. Only now She wasn’t a floating thought, lost in time and space, She had a body. Not her body, not her head, but her thoughts were still there, She was still there, but not all there. After the fall, this felt like salvation. And All she could do was lay there for long moments before opening her eyes that she didn't even know where closed to begin with, to see what she could see.

There was nothing. No landmarks, no roads, no earth, no water, no trees, and no deserts – nothing distinguishable could be made out from this infernal darkness. Or was it whiteness? Ask anyone who’s been here and no one will be able to say for sure. Then again, who would you ask? For none who venture here ever returned. No soul went absolved, no sin went virtue – unrewarded.

But Then the light came.

Brighter and more intense than the sun itself, It bathed her, swallowed her whole and in a mere moment She no longer felt cold and lost in the darkness. She just felt tired, the need to close her eyes growing with every passing moment.

Mariska .

But She didn't want to hear her name. She only wanted to be left alone; She never wanted to hear her name again. When people called her name, something bad always happened. Always.

Get up...wake up and get up !

No. She wouldn't get up. Her head had become a vast chambered hive; pain roared and raved in each irregular room and crooked corridor. Bees had come. The bees had thought She was dead. They had invaded her head and turned her skull into a honeycomb. And
She uttered a thick, agonized groan. Her blood-streaked hands opened and closed slowly on the solid blackness that she lay upon, nothing how it seemed to hum with existence. Leave me alone. oh please just leave me alone

Mariska, you have to get up Now

It was his voice, the one voice she had never been able to refuse or shut out. He had somehow found her. But She would refuse it now. She could and would shut it out now.

"Go away," She croaked. "I hate you. Go away."

Pain blared through her head in a golden buzz of bees. Clouds of bees, furious and stinging

Oh just leave me alone,she thought.Oh leave me the hell alone already, haven't you done enough already. This is hell. I am in a hell full of  bees and big-band horns.

...get up. You have to get up.

She realized soon that it wasn't the voice of HIM,That had only been her poor, wounded mind trying to fool itself once again. HE couldn't hurt her anymore.He was dead. Killed by his own creation, oh the irony of it all.

This was a voice from... from

m... from


some other place, some high bright place where pain was a myth and pressure was a dream.

She tried again to open her eyes. But found that she couldn't, it was like her lids were sewn shut. She managed to work one hand up to her face. It brushed the side of her head and she gave voice to a low, tired scream of pain. Inside her head the trumpets blared and the bees swarmed. She waited until the worst of the pain had subsided, then poked out two fingers and used them to pull her own eyelids up.

That corona of light was still there. It made a vaguely evocative shape in the gloom. Slowly, a little at a time, Mariska raised her head.

And saw it.

It laid within the corona of light.

It was looking at her, and it's eyes were kind.

Come on, Little one. Get up. I know it's hard, but you have to get up-you have to. Because I'm here waiting... but I won't wait forever.

Come to me, Get up.

She started struggling to her feet. It was very hard. Her sense of balance was almost gone, and it was hard to hold her head up  -  because, of course, it was full of angry honeybees. Twice She fell back, but each time She began again, mesmerized and entranced by the glowing figure  with it kind eyes and its promise of ultimate release. She walked straight ahead and could see no end and no turns. She stopped. She didn’t know why but She felt like She needed to halt. She felt uneasy, sickly, weak, hungry, thirsty, scared. She felt human again for the first time in a long time. Come to think about it she felt worse here then when she did back...back...

Where was she before here

It lay on the ground watching with her, with eyes of fire as Mariska got to one knee, fell over on her side, then began trying to rise once more. It heart was suffused with a terrible stern pity for this hurt and broken Girl. On her ruined, bloody face It saw a terrible mixture of emotions: fear, hope, and a kind of merciless determination.

I'm sorry, Little one, it thought. In spite of what you are, I'm sorry. But I need you here with me.

Then called to her again:

Get up, your almost there

She reached the figure and fell next to it. A white sheet of agony ripped through her head, her neck, her chest. She tried to remember what had happen to her and couldn't. She remembered...


Nothing, her memories were nothing but stagnant water.

She raised her head, hair hanging in her eyes, and looked at the glowing figure  who sat cross-legged in front of her, a few feet away from her. It was the most beautiful thing She had ever seen in her life; how could She ever have thought it HIM?. It sat there in front of her, Its tail, swishing and swaying back and forth in the water. The water it sat in resembled diamonds and shimmered  like a star, clear and untainted by the surrounding darkness.There seemed to be a void of white flames and light emanating from the pool, giving it a almost heavenly white glow.

But this wasn't heaven

Its face was indistinguishable. You could look at it for an eternity, then turn away for a moment and completely forget how it looked like. The one thing  that stood out were its  bright blue eyes – their intense stare could burn a man alive, but yet they were soft... So blue just she knew before...but couldn't remember, why couldn't  she remember!

“Hello there, my friend, I've been waiting for you ” It said with a voice of gold; firm and clear, but with a hint of softness, loud but low-pitched, very reassuring and inspirational, but also commanding and demanding.

“Who are you?” the girl asked, unsure of whether or not she already knew the answer to her question or not. "Where am I...where is this"

The being crossed its long, horse legs and laid its giant head against them.

"The name is lost to many...some millennia even to myself...But Eskallion is the name and the place in which you stand goes by many names as well "Abaddon"...."Gehenna"....Though "Limbo" seems to be a common name people use next to "Everlasting Fire"  But as you can see." The being looked around.

"There are no flames here"

Eskallion laid his head down on his legs again and looked softly at the girl. "Do you remember how you got here, little one"

Mariska thought hard, her mind fuzzy.


The look on eskallions face said all that needed to be said, his eyes taking on a look of dismay and a slight twinge of fear. "What do you remember" he said, sounding more worried than Demanding, his eyes squinting in question. Mariska stuttered and tried to find her thoughts, which was easier said then done since they seemed to be scattered to the winds alone with the voices in her head.

"I remember..
"Yer gonna be okay, mar."
I remember voices..."
"they'll be here soon"

" you remember the voices...can you place names and faces on them" Eskallion said urgently, his tone changing only slightly.

Mariska's eyes darted back and forth and she struggled to remember as the voices once again turned into the swarms of bees from before and began buzzing frantically around her subconsciousness

She was gonna die anyways...I don't see the problem.
Both painful and grotesque, isn't it? (what was)
You need to get out of here!
Run Run Run (Run from what)
..Vikke'll fix you up

Zed move!
Lewis look out!

im right here...I'm right her-

Little by little...slowly by slowly, the voices began to quite down and disperse, and Mariska was left with a splitting headache and questions swarming her already abused head. Lewis...Vikke...Zed, who were these people. They sounded important. They seemed important by what her brain picked up. Oh god, why couldn't she remember, she wanted to remember, even the bad things she wanted to remember but she couldn't and it bothered her something terrible . She gripped the sides of her head tightly, her pain overwhelmed with sadness. Her vision blurred and then tears began to run slowly down her cheeks. Suddenly she found herself pressed up against something warm. Eskallion had gotten outta the pool, leaned her about against his leg and held her closely with the other. "Hush little one...everything will be alright soon" He had said to her as he held her closely.

"Why can't I remember anything" She whimpered, but before Eskallion could say thing, he felt the girl against his leg go slack a bit. Mariska  laid against his leg and felt her body start trembling, though She wasn't cold. She was just tired... so tired.

God had she ever been so tired before in her life

"You've been feeling tired, haven't you, Eskallion went on "Come sleep with me in the pool".But she couldn't move. Whatever energy she had left in her body, Mariska had already spent. She felt to tired all of a sudden. Her head and her eyes drooping as Eskallion picked her up with his tail. Not having enough strength to move, Mariska  felt comfort around her in the form of Eskallions tail wrapping around her and lifting her gently in the air . Opening her eyes a little bit, a blurry face looked down upon her. All she could see was a mixture of colors from slight yellow to more predominant flaming burgundy red at this point as Eskallion laid her in the water, cradling Mariska in between his front legs. The water they both lay in warm as a cooling lump of coal and Mariska felt her body relax as she rested her head against Eskallions knee.

"Rest now Little one, you've been tired for a while, so rest now and dream at my feet, everything is alright now, your safe with me" But Mariska didn't hear his words of comfort. She was already asleep,curled up against his leg.

"Saeculi mutavit. Sensi autem ingressi. I olfecerint super vos. Ut iam olim amissum, qui jam nulli memini. Fortitudo vestra revertetur uulnera plane numquam sanabunt. Et pone ea in reliqua vita tua. Sed ad hoc pervenisses, nesciens quid ageretur, quam ostendistis in singulari mollitia mala".

He sighed, nuzzling her head slowly."Sed est et onus minime ferre debuissent. Chare. Immortui sunt vere prodigiosus creaturas. Vos can perceptum est scire omnes in viam suam uno mense et anno centesimo admireris possunt.

He pulled his head away "which is why I give you my gift"

Moving  his mouth to her own, Eskallion breathed his gift to her.

"As the Moon wanes and bread is eaten, so must the secret be forgotten, Earth, Air , Water and Fire, Spirits aid, this is my desire"

As he spoke the words, golden wisps of light manifested themselves from his breathe. Strands of sparkling flaming colored light, working their way into her own half opened mouth and ears.

Forgive and Forget

love and let go

feelings soften,

feelings flow

like the river flows and flows,

like the river flows and flows,

like the river flows and flows,

like the river

finds the sea

so I flow

in harmony

Its my will

so shall it be.

The wisps began to loose their light as the gift came to a ending, retreating back into his mouth. As he finished the last words with spite and venom for the person responsible for the girls torment.

"Leave it where animals may eat it, and let it be forgotten"

So is my decree
So is my gift
Purgatory sweet purgatory-LPC Drabble PT2
Eskallion words in translation
The world has changed. I felt it went you walked in. I smelt it on you. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember itThe strength of your wounds will never heal completely. And you will keep them for the rest of your life. And yet, to have come so far you have shown extraordinary resilience to its evil. It is a burden you should never have had to bear. 

My dear. Zombies really are amazing creatures. You can learn all there is to know about their ways in a month, and yet after a hundred years they can still surprise you.



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Even my 16 year old sister....

fucking great....

(I support Bernie sanders)
  • Mood: Pain

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