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"Mother! Father" Smunsou's frantic cries echoed eerily through the ghostly landscape, nearly drowned out in a roll of thunder, while dark clouds overhead shed torrents of ice-cold rain.

The little Ridgeback had just come to not to long ago right as it started to get dark. He was  rushing about the desolate area, searching everywhere for his dear father , whom he had last seen battling the bloodthirsty Imperial , before being knocked out. But so far all he saw was deep holes in the earth made but scratching and scraping and...and....


The call echoed over the land, traveling across the splintered earth; a pitiful, fraught cry. The last remnants of the child`s screech resonated for a few moments more, before being swallowed up the relentless tide of rain. For a moment the little dragon stood, shivering and desperate. Why wasn't Father answering him? Surely, his cries must have reached him by now. Had he….forgotten about him?

Of course not! Maybe he just wasn`t being loud enough. A sudden crackle of thunder seemed to vindicate and alarm him all the same, and something deep inside pulled him on.

He was at a ledge now-a short space spanning perhaps a little bigger than the length of his little body. He was looking around frantically, his entire being seeming to bend under the despairing numbness that the rain brought.


This call was louder than the first one, deep and infused with a coarse apprehension. It quivered with the fear of something lost, then righted itself and smashed through the sheet of rain, thunder, and all things wretched. Still, there was no answer.

A nearby shelf of rock offered a brief reprieve from the rain, and the child was quick to scurry beneath it. There was the ledge he had just jumped, right in front of him-here was a mass of rock. His eyes would be loath to spot something other than this endless ruin of pebble and stone-so his voice would have to do the job for him.

"Father, where are you?!"

A mocking silence was the initial answer to the child`s call; it slithered across the rocks and towered above him, powerful as a vile screech. It wrapped itself around him, this crippling fear, whispering tender curses in his ears: You will never find your father.

"Father!" Smun yelled out again, his voice ricocheting back to him, loud at first, then progressively softer and softer, before fading away altogether. Yet there was no answer, and there was no one around. It seemed he was the only dragon left in the whole world. Smun tried to swallow his panic, tried to force his fear down his stomach.

His father had to be around here somewhere, and he had to be all right. He just had to be; he couldn't bear to think otherwise.

For a brief moment, the little dragon began to dread the truth in these thoughts. Yet then, then …Was that…? Something else was answering him now; something was wiping the bad things away. It wasn`t the loudest or most impressive call in the world, but to a lost and frightened child, it was the epitome of all miracles. He whipped around now, his tail held high in a surge of brief excitement. There! A figure lay slouched on a raised shelf of rock, head bent at an odd angle. It took only a moment for the child to discern its identity. Without hesitation, he hurried to him as fast as he could, struggling to make his way through the thick slimy muddy waters without skipping and falling. But Irony, however, was master at its game; as the little dragon approached his father, it unlaced its plans and set them upon him.


He lay on his side, blood flowing freely from his wounds. He was in shock from blood lost and the beating the emperor had given him. It was clear that he had broken a few bones; more notably the back right leg. So all he did was lay there, until a sound started brining him around back to reality.

what was that, sounded like...little claws.


He thought he would never reach him quickly enough, and when at last he did, The child had come to a stop, head craned to meet his Father`s eyes.  Ixael did nothing but lay deathly still, his head hanging listlessly over the edge of the rock, moaning in what could only be described as agony. His wounds from the battle with Monster lay wide and raw, and his blood mingled with the rain. The sweet feeling of relief was overtaking him; a breath of sadness and despair released and changed for the better.

Why is he lying down? Surely, Father knew that it was too dangerous to sleep here. There were  and other dragons around, like….like….

"Father, please get up." It was a piteous and defeated plea, the cry of a little child too young to know a thing.

Ixael`s head arced, stretched in order to see his son. For a moment, the mockery of relief once again flooded the child-something fragile and tantalizing; something all too easy to break.

"I…I don`t think I can."

Was there a worse feeling in the world than this one? The hatchling called Smunsou certainly didn`t think so; he was sniffling now, racked with shivers that the freezing rain itself could not have been responsible for.

"Yes, you can! Get up." You`re just tired from fighting that monster . You had to lie down for a while, but that`s ok. You can get up now. You have to.

Please get up…

Ixael was struggling to his  feet now-and for a moment, it looked as if he would be able to stand. His knees shook, and the child tensed with trepidation and a feeling that he could not explain. Breathing raggedly, his father used every ounce of strength he had left to heave himself to his feet. Smun could not describe what exactly happened in the next moment; all he saw was Ixael fall down, his body surrendering to the wicked forces that he had tried so hard to defend him from. The rock beneath him, weakened by his weight and the water, ended up crumbling to pieces under him and he fell her entire length on the cold, wet earth, his head landing close to Smunsou.

Smunsou  could feel his insides burning like fire, though his body trembled with cold. Fear threatened to choke him on the spot. He knew his father had been badly hurt—precious few dragon got through fights with one another unscathed—but it was obvious that monster wasn't any ordinary dragon, plus the sight of him made him realize his fathers  condition must be more serious than he thought A massive piece of flesh was now missing from the middle of his back and blood poured down his sides and dripped to the earth below. ,

It was far more serious.


Lightning flashed overhead, casting a gloomy blue-white light over Smunsou and his wounded father as they lay there together. Smunsou had buried himself closer to Ixael nuzzling his head into his fathers cheek. Almost without realizing it, hot tears flooded Smunsou's eyes, flowing forth to mix with the icy rain. Knowing death was probably not far away for him, Ixael opened his dying eyes, and focused all his fading energy on his son.

"My son….you have to find your mother and brother...without me"...

At his father voice, Smun pressed his head against his. Ixaels eyes were open, illuminated by a strange, pale light. A Thousand terrible things sliced through the petite child, and he wanted to collapse and curl up into an elfin ball. To speak his next words would be to break the shield of denial, to expose his frail youth to a fate that not a single soul his age deserved. Yet speak he did. The path in which he was walking was not one he could stop.

"But...but.. We'll see them together...You`re gonna come with me you just have to get up!" He was sniffling now, the foreboding sheet of rain mixing with his tears. He didn`t understand, it didn`t make sense. What was father telling him? "What do you mean? with out you !" Father, stop! Get up…get up….

But Ixael knew he couldn't go, he could not stand, and a dragon unable to stand was a dead one. The Dragon would not survive for long out in this environment, not with the extent of his injuries. He felt his son rubbed his tiny nose fervently against his large, scaly nose, and a hint of a smile graced his face. A sadness crept upon him and he used the last bit of his strength to try to comfort him, nuzzling into his Son, even sticking his tongue out to give his son one last affectionate lick. Before he could stop it, a tear fell from his eye as his eyes closed. Helplessness filled inside him, knowing that he probably wouldn't be able to see his son again.


A while after, there was a silence-a long, odd silence. It wasn`t scary and it certainly wasn`t loud, but to the little child, it was the most terrifying sound in the world.

"Father? Father?"

And this time, the silence that followed would be the harbinger of the most horrible things, the saddest things, the things that no one really understands. It was the worst sort of feeling in the world, something too powerful and too devastating for the child to grasp. He could only lie there, whimpering and watching the rain pour down on the limp body of the one who`d loved him most.

Of course, he was not alone-the thunder, the flashes of light were present here now. Here they would remain, until the mercy of a requiem flew down, cloaking the little child in darkness, waiting for the moment in which he would be forced to stand, and face the things he had lost forever.

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A flash of lightning lit up the entire sky with its brilliant, white glow as it zigzagged from the dark, ominous clouds. Within seconds, a thunderous boom followed. Torrents of rain fell, flooding the Shadow realm. Many creatures hid away, not wanting to become wet from the rain. Most though, did smile at the sight. Another flash of lighting lit the dark sky with its zigzagged form. A thunderous clap followed the light, sounding not even a second after the arc of plasma burst from the dark gray, angry clouds.

Ninja and Ixael had been making their way back to their clan when it had started raining. The slick mud made it hard to walk as they made their way back. Finally, they emerged from the forest and found nothing, the place where they stood looked Deserted.

"Something's not right" ninja said, his muscles clenching and he and Ixael took tentative steps out of the tree line.

"What's not right Nin, Clearly they left to get out of the rain" Ixael questioned, he seemed more relaxed then ninja, content with the idea that they clan weren't here cause they went back to get out of the rain.

Just then, the sound of A dragon crying out in pain rose from the trees and echoed through the air. Feathered flyers took flight from the forest and lifted towards the sky as the fierce roar of something split the air. A dead silence fell across the two dragons . They just stared at the dark forest without uttering a word, and without knowing it they found themselves bolting to the scream,

"Dad!" A voiced called out  . "daddy! Where are you!?"

Ixael had stopped abruptly, his head tilted "Huh?" He asked.

Ninja came racing through the grass and nearly collided with Ixael . "Ixael what the hell, what are you doing, move" he said, pushing at the ridgeback to get him moving

"Wait a minute, ninja, did you hear that?" Ixael asked.

"Hear what?" Ninja asked.

Ninja and Ixael stepped out of the trees, their heads held high up, trying to hear whatever it was.  "what do you hear?" Ninja asked.

"I thought I heard screaming." Ixael said. He stood up and stretched his neck out. "Hello!"

"Daddy! Where are you!?" The  voice shouted back.

"Wait now I hear it." Ninja said. Though he couldn't place a face with the voice. But Ixael did, and  He felt something that he hadn't felt in a long while. Fear. With alarm, he ran once more. His Claws  thundered on the forest floor as he rocketed toward the scream.


Suddenly, a small ridgeback hatchling  came running from the woods and stopped short right in front of Ixael. He rushed over to Ixael, pressing his head against his legs as Ixael wrapped a arm around him. The hatchlings eyes were illuminated by a strange, pale light.

"Slathalin what's wrong, What's going on" It took a moment for the hatchling to speak, but when he did Ixael could only listen.

"It's Mommy!" Slathalin exclaimed "She told us to find help, we didn't want to leave but she told us to find help" the kids voice broke off into terrified mutters as he pressed himself into the Ridgebacks legs.

"Shh,Shh it's alright now" Ixael said in a effort to comfort his terrified son. "Slath where's your mother" he asked slowly.

"We...we were coming back to the clan when something came out of the trees, it looked like a imperial, but with a crazy look in its eyes, it went after mommy, and she told me to take Smun and find help..."

"A Imperial!?" Ninja exclaimed, surely the hatchling was mistaken, Dragons would never attack their own unless needed.

But a unprovoked attack on a clan?

"Slath...Slath where's your brother" Ixael question

Slathalin cocked his head, "m..mommy told me to take him with me, he's right be-"

Suddenly, the hatchling went silent. His whole body shook with fear and his teeth chattered. He turned his head to the left then right eyes wide.

"He..he.. He was right behind me, right behind me..." The kids nerves had started to break and he started biting at his wing claw. Ixael ears began to ring with alarm.

"Slathalin, stay here." He passed slathalin over to ninja, before he thundered off.

"Ix, where are you going, IX!!" Ninja called after him, his muscles told him to run after his friend, but the kid trembling at his feet made him not. Slathalin didn't say anything or protest about his fathers abrupt departure, just shook and chewed his wing claw, until a crack of thunder startled him and he dove under Ninja.

"Did I ever tell you About your fathers war stories" He asked the cub softly , leading them both to sit down underneath a large leafy plant that protected them from the hard driving rain as ninja began the tale that would distract the cub until his fathers return.


The Great ridgebacks claws thundered through the forest as he ran with the speed of light. He hoped with everything within him that he wasn't going to find another dead dragon on his patrol.

But he had spoken too soon.
Halfway through his run, the ridgeback  saw something that made him halt with a silent gasp. He watched horrified, Looking down with surprise and sadness at the body of his fallen friend. Merric lay dead at his feet, his blood still warm, despite the cold rain, his throat had been torn out. Both his horns had been torn out as well

"That monster." He Muttered. He looked down at the body and saw the bloody footprints leading away.

He followed them


Monster continued walking, the blood on his feet had wiped off by now. By leaving that trail for, whatever dragon, to follow, he successfully had led them  in the wrong direction and was now going back. The scent of the female ridgeback was still fresh in his mind, and her smell was strong in this neck of the wood. Already, she was moving, and with her, a buffet.

He moved off in the direction of the scent, still making sure to stay hidden in the trees. This was almost going to be too easy.


Smunsou trembled underneath a small hill. After loosing his brother in a stampede of escaping dragons, he had gotten more lost then he had hoped for, and now laid trembling under a outcropping, waiting for the rain to stop and hopping that his homing skills would help him find his mother father and brother...

A roar echoed over the grassy landscape, causing Smunsou to glance over his shoulder at the noise. He shook. "Mama." As the young male said this, a shadowy figure appeared in the distance. It gave another  another ferocious roar, clearly throwing its head back to announce its presence to any herbivores nearby. Smunsou was too far away to be notice by whatever it was, but his hope was it was his mother, and he actually believed for a few minutes it was, she was calling for him

Without thinking clearly, the little hatchling dove out from under the outcropping and ran straight for  where the sound came from.

A booming footstep shook the earth beneath his feet. It was soon followed by another, and then another each growing closer. Then the trees by the sheltering grass exploded apart and the monster  tore his way into the clearing, crushing the already fallen trees beneath his feet.

The hatchling screamed and turned to run. As he ran, the monster gave chase, catching up to him and stomping his foot down in front of him He let out a ferocious roar that split the air, then looked down on the hatchlings, horrible smelling saliva dripping from the monsters maw.

Monster threw his mouth open and brought it down towards the child. At that moment, a tail swung up and smashed against his head and sent him sprawling to the ground. Smun twisted his head around and saw his father, baring he teeth and roaring.


"Leave my son alone!" He  sneered.

Monster  flailed about on the ground before quickly righting himself. Without hesitation, he charged at the long nose and snapped his jaws at its neck. The ridgeback reared back on his back legs and then brough his entire weight down on the predator. Monster  twisted with ease and dodged the ridgeback. In that same movement, he brought his jaws up towards the longneck's throat, but was smacked again in the head again with Ixaels tail.

Monster staggered for a moment before facing the ridgeback again. He roared, saliva flying from his huge teeth. He leapt into the air and landed right next to Ixael, slashing him on the side with his foot claws before shoving against him with his whole body.

Ixael groaned in pain as the claws dug into his body, causing blood to splatter across the ground. With as much strength as she could muster, he swung his tail and smacked monster across the neck.

Monster fell forward and landed head first in a pool of black bubbling goo that was know as the Sinking Sand to the hatchlings. He struggled to lift his head above the slimy goo, spiting the gunk out of his mouth as best he could. He growled in frustration. Kicking and squirming as best he could, but still the thick black sand slowly drug him under and he disappeared from view into the goo.

Ixael panted for breath hobbled up next to his son. "Daddy! Daddy!" Smunsou shouted, running up beside them.

"Smun." Ixael said, nuzzling his head against his small body.  "I was so worried."

Suddenly, the far end of the Sinking Sand exploded upwards and monster climbed up from gunk, still dripping with goo. He brought himself out on the far side, gasping for breath. He looked back across the Sinking Sand at the hatchling and the adult  with hatred. He roared a tremendous roar then charged, barreling straight  for Ixael and Smun.

Ixael pushed Smun out of the way as monster hit him dead on pushed him over. Frightened, Smun did the only thing he could do as a hatchling.

He bit monsters tail.

But that didn't faze monster, who turned at the little hatchling who would dare to assault him. He quickly zeroed the tiny ridgeback out and moved in for the kill, until tail slammed against him, sending him crashing to the ground. "Stay away from my SON!".

Monster quickly regained his footing, staring intently at the ridgeback, then back at the little hatchling.


He roared threateningly, before wacking  the little hatchling away, who was sent flying and became unconscious after hitting a rock,  before charging at the Ridgeback. Ixael was too focused on the hatchling to notice the monster imperial coming straight after him. Monster collided with him, and without hesitation, dug his teeth into his neck. He snarled and growled as the vibrant red blood slashed across his face and the ground. The world started going dark as Ixael looked up at his would-be killer.

And noticed the burn mark

Ixael gasped in horror. It Couldn't have been him,shouldn't have been him.

But that burn mark

It looked so familiar

As if to prove the horrifying theory that buzzed around in his wounded head, Monster chose that exact moment to opened his wings,

and the two extra heads that he kept hidden, exposed themselves, saliva dripping from their jaws.

A soundless scream came from Ixaels lips, before the land finally became silent. The only sound coming from the roaring thunder...




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